Daniel Tragerman OBM: A Commander in Hashem’s Army

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There are two things that typically result from reading recent news from Israel. The first is the response that yes this headline is upsetting, and yes the situation needs to improve … not just for 3, 24, or 72 hours, but that the threat—both the immediate and long-term threat—needs to be taken care of. The second are the personal stories that come from these headlines—the micro of the aforementioned macro—the individual lives that have been saved and lost. The faces behind the conflict

One such face that is still very much ingrained in our thoughts is that of a sweet four-year-old boy named Daniel Tragerman.

What can be said? What should be said? If you don’t know what happened … how this holy boy was taken from us, you can read this. But now is the time to reflect and learn. To learn some Torah in the merit of…

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