After a serious heart-to-heart, the Parti Québécois declares it’s pushing forward with the sovereignty dream

and the incompetent enemy marches on

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QUEBEC — The Parti Québécois is calling on the government to negotiate with municipal workers in the name of maintaining social peace and to come up urgently with a jobs plan.

And after a serious heart-to-heart behind closed doors, PQ MNAs decided they want to keep the sovereignty dream alive despite the negative message voters sent them in the April election.

“Our objective is not to be the flavour of the month,” interim PQ leader Stéphane Bédard said at a news conference where he reported on the work of a two-day party caucus meeting.

“We think Quebec should become a country. That will never leave me.

“The PQ is an agent of change. That means you have to convince people. Is the task more difficult? Maybe. Are we ready to take it on? Certainly.”

Clement Allard / Canadian Press Clement Allard / Canadian Press

Bédard then announced the party, even without its new leader, will…

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