The Rebbe who knew more, wrote more, clarified more about Moshiach than any other of our great sages of the past, says a few fundamentals about Moshiach which are truly worth understanding: firstly there are two Moshiachs, the inner and outer, as everything has a body and soul, the soul of Moshiach is in truth your own soul and the coming of the inner Moshiach is the revelation of your own soul – when you Divine side overtakes your selfish side – which relates to the ultimate job of Moshiach which isn’t the miraculous return of Jews from the diaspora or the building of the Third Temple or any of the great miracles which will occur, but the assistance – as the Rebbe teaches – of helping us to overcome our Yetzer Hara – in other words, to unshackle our soul from its depraved chains of instinctual lust and egotistical fantasies


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