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Vol. 10 No. 47
29 Tamuz – 6 Av, 5774 / July 27 – August 2, 2014


Sunday night-Monday is “Rosh Chodesh” (New Moon Day of the month of) Menachem-Av,
and also the yahrzeit of Aaron, Moses’ brother and the first High Priest.
This Shabbat is called “Shabbat of Vision” (see article below), the Shabbat which always precedes Tisha B’Av.
In Tsfat it is also called “Shabbat of the Holy Ari,” because Thursday night-Friday, 5 Av (July 15-16) is
the yahrzeit of the Holy ARI, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria, the famous Kabbalist of the golden age of Tzefat [Safed] in the 16th century,
whose teachings influenced the Chasidic movement and dominate the study of Kabbalah today. (See the first three articles and the last two.)

Dedicated to the memory of Oren Simcha ben Yigal Noach
who gave his life in the Gaza War last week for his People and his Land.
The KOL and Ascent-of-Safed staffs extend empathy and condolences
to our beloved co-worker
Yochai Noach
on the tragic loss of his only brother