Today’s letters: ‘Without Israel, the future of the Jewish people would not be guaranteed’

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Re: Born In America, Dying For Israel, Allison Benedikt, July 24.
I would like to think that, at the end of the day, I am responsible for the decisions I make. By saying that, “Maybe Max [Steinberg] was especially lost, or especially susceptible” and that, “It’s not that hard to persuade young people to see the world a certain way,” Allison Benedikt is implying that a 24-year-old man is not capable of making his own decisions. Or that his decision to join the Israel Defense Forces was so crazy, he must have been brainwashed into it?

Yes, Birthright sparked Mr. Steinberg’s love of his homeland, but no one has the power to force someone to make that kind of decision, no matter how young they are. Mr. Steinberg made a totally valid choice to join the Israeli army — a choice that was his, not anyone else’s.
Yehudis Dick…

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