John Ivison: Tom Mulcair brings NDP a new maturity over Israel

National Post | Full Comment

Israel has always been the litmus test by which to measure the degree of lunacy emanating from Canada’s left-wing.

Back in 2002, when former MP Svend Robinson was the NDP’s critic on the Middle East, he issued a pro-Palestinian manifesto that justified taking sides – “life over death, peace over war, justice over tyranny and dehumanization, the oppressed over the oppressor.”

The current round of hostilities in Gaza suggest a New Democratic Party that has matured and no longer sees the world in such risibly simplistic terms.

A statement by Tom Mulcair this week called for a “balanced and constrictive role” for Canada in building peace. He lamented civilian deaths in Gaza but called the firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas “utterly unacceptable.’’

“Israel has the right to defend its citizens from these attacks, while doing its utmost to protect civilians,” he said.

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