In debate over Israel’s war with Hamas, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has facts on his side

John Baird, the foreign affairs minister, has elicited the usual outrage from the usual quarters over his recent declarations about Hamas’ war with Israel, currently in its third week. In particular Baird has raised eyebrows with his blunt assertion that Hamas, the terrorist organization that holds power in Gaza, is solely responsible for the now more than 700 deaths on the Palestinian side. It’s more fodder for those who are convinced Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a foreign-policy Neanderthal, and John Baird his senior club-wielder.

But weighing against all that, is this: The facts are on Baird’s side. And the test of that is simply to pose this one question: What can Israel logically do, other than what it is now doing?

There is no minimizing, explaining away, looking away from, or justifying the horror of what is unfolding in Gaza. Thursday, The Associated Press reported, Israeli shells hit a…

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