Jonathan Kay: Canadian activists are finally learning that Israel isn’t the Middle East’s true villain

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At the time of their release from Egyptian custody this past weekend, filmmaker and pro-Palestinian activist John Greyson and his traveling companion Tarek Loubani were just two of 1,610 Canadians imprisoned abroad (as of August 2013). Yet since their arrest in August, amidst the chaos and violence of post-coup Egypt, this pair has commanded the attention of a huge swathe of our country’s activists and public luminaries. Dozens of web sites and Facebook pages sprouted during the 51 days of their captivity. The CBC covered the story daily, bringing on a steady parade of the captives’ friends and family members to offer updates on their condition.

The two are still reportedly unable to leave Egypt: Authorities refused to let them board a plane to Frankfurt on Sunday, reportedly because Egyptian prosecutors are investigating the possibility of laying more charges and that they must wait for charges against hundreds of others…

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