Formerly homeless man, now flush with cash, can’t stop giving to the people who helped him


National Post | News

Charlie Delorme tells me to hold on for a second. He needs to check his bankbook to confirm what his current bank balance is because he has been writing a lot of big cheques lately and, he says, he is not done writing them yet.

Mr. Delorme is on a donation spree, a goodwill binge, sprinkling bucks around to all the organizations in Yellowknife that he believes in. The Yellowknife Salvation Army got $5,000, another $10,000 went to the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation and another $2,000 to the Sidedoor Youth Centre. Every time Mr. Delorme leaves his front door and makes the walk downtown — his nickname is Downtown Charlie — it seems as though somebody in Yellowknife is cashing in while everybody winds up smiling, including the guy giving away the money.

He is pushing 65, that guy, has achy, arthritic knees and isn’t going to live forever and having all…

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