How the Palestinians cut off their nose to spite our face

again and repeatedly……

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No matter how many concessions the Palestinians receive from Israel, they are always received with such bad grace and so much negativity that it’s hard to see why on earth Israel should negotiate with them about anything at all.  They seem determined to remove any incentive from Israel to concede one single thing. (The fact that Israel continues to do so speaks volumes about the questionable sanity of Israel’s leaders and the American and other international authorities that pressure Israel, but that is a whole other tale.)

Exhibit A: The Palestinians demanded a prisoner release before they would even deign to consider sitting down in the same room as the Israelis in order to talk about talking about peace. And the Israelis actually gave in to this outrageous demand and have granted the release of 26 murderous terrorists as a starting offer.

But it isn’t enough. It’s a bribe says…

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