‘Crazy bird lady’ offers drug-addicted, abused parrots safe haven

Global News

A woman in Chalk River, Ontario has dedicated her life to saving abused birds, some of which arrive at her door addicted to drugs.

Diane Dwyer has more than 60 birds that have been abandoned or seized by police and she keeps them in her home where she runs 2nd Chance Aviary Parrot Sanctuary.

The self-proclaimed “crazy bird lady” said the police first discovered her sanctuary when an 82-year-old parrot named “Bill” called 911.

“Bill picked up the phone and hit 911 and [the emergency operator] said ‘what’s the emergency?’… I said ‘none, we’re just heading out to work.’”

The phone operator asked Dwyer if there were any children in the house and hours later police showed up at her doorstep.

Dwyer said she told police to be prepared and brought them in to meet the parrots.

“The first thing [Bill] says is ‘do you want to smoke…

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