Prized $27,000 baby grand stolen from Toronto hospital by three men masquerading as piano tuners

find these SH*& heads

National Post | News

There was supposed to be a concert at Toronto General Hospital last week. But as organizers set up for the weekly affair on Thursday — aimed at helping patients through “the healing process” — they realized their prized $27,000 Boston Steinway baby grand was missing.

Four days earlier, two men had hauled the piano out of the expansive atrium “for a tune-up,” staff recalled.

But the contractor who usually services the piano told hospital security he had nothing to do with it — in fact, he would never need to take it off-site for tuning.

And after guards sifted through hours of surveillance footage, they were certain the hospital was victim to a “disgusting crime.”

Who would ever think that someone would actually steal a piano?

The video showed the clumsy, hours-long procedure carried out by three men who clearly knew little about moving a piano, says Todd Milne, head…

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