Perverted logic: Releasing murderers for peace

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What kind of inverted and perverted logic demands that murderers be released from prison in order to prove the peaceful intentions of the side that is more eager to achieve peace? Palestinian logic, that’s what.

For some reason the balance of power between Israel and the Palestinians when it comes to negotiations is never questioned. It is always, and I mean always, without fail, Israel which is required, if not demanded, to make concessions in order to persuade the “reluctant bride”, i.e. the Palestinians, to deign to come to the negotiating table. If it is not releasing deadly prisoners then it is a settlement freeze that is demanded, and “ideally”both.

This is the repeat performance that we are witnessing right now, with the news a couple of days ago that Israel is about to release 82 Palestinian prisoners with blood on their hands, as well as an informal settlement…

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