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The Al-Durah hoax is the incident in which the Palestinians claimed that Mohammed al-Durah was killed – deliberately – by the IDF in 2000. I would recommend having a look at The Al Durah Project which has been following the lies, libels and court cases almost from the beginning.  (Here is their facebook page, and here is their Twitter account).

The incident ignited the deadly Second Intifada and Mohammed al-Durah became an icon of Palestinian victimhood.   A French media analyst, Philippe Karsenty, has analysed the videos and conducted many interviews over the years and came to the conclusion that Charles Enderlin of France 2 TV station staged the event. For a long time he was a lone voice in the wilderness, backed up by Richard Landes of The Second Draft and The Augean Stables.

Despite a few early wins, and Israel weighing in only 13 years too late

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