Why World War Z should have been made into a video game, not a movie

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Like a lot of people, I like to imagine how the books I read might translate to film.

I envision famous actors in the roles of characters, picture action sequences as cinematic spectacle, and – if I’m feeling particularly ambitious – try to figure out how the text could be edited and cajoled to become a two-hour multimedia event capable of being absorbed in a single sitting.

I completely failed with this last exercise while reading Max Brooks’ World War Z.

Written as a series of distinct accounts collected by a kind of post-zombie war historian, it doesn’t possess a conventional overarching narrative. It’s just a collection of dozens of separate tales cinched together by some meaty philosophical and geopolitical themes that sneakily serve as insightful commentary on real-world mindsets, governments, and even religions.

I just didn’t see how such an unusually structured and multifaceted piece of prose could…

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