Palestinian PM resigns, un-resigns, re-resigns


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Back in April Salam Fayyad, the Palestinian Prime Minister, tendered his resignation.

The resignation comes following major disagreements over government policy in the Palestinian Authority and rumors that Abbas would fire Fayyad, who also serves as finance minister.

The world was aghast at this “blow to the peace process”, but Khaled Abu Toameh skewered this ridiculous opinion:

How can Salam Fayyad’s resignation as Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority be considered a setback for the peace process when he had never been involved in the negotiations with Israel in the first place?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas never consulted with Fayyad about the peace process with Israel. Over the past five years, the two men hardly even spoken to one other.


The only people Abbas consulted with were PLO and Fatah loyalists. Decisions regarding the peace talks with Israel were always taken either by Abbas alone or in…

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