Quebec language police target frozen yogurt spoons

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Watch: Quebec language police target spoons

MONTREAL – A frozen yogurt company in the Montreal area has been asked by Quebec’s language police to stop using its disposable spoons.

According to a post on Menchie’s Facebook page, in response to a complaint, the The Office quebecois de la langue francaise  (OQLF) have asked the spoons to be replaced because of the words “Sweet Moosic” molded into the handle.

“We were visited by Office Quebec de La Langue Francaise and they cited us for having English molded in the spoons, apparently responding to a complaint,” Menchie’s said in the post.

“We are working as fast as we can to get new spoons made just for our Quebec stores, at a large expense to us.”

The incident, which follows on the heels of other language watchdog controversies like “pastagate” and “caffegate,” has caused a stir on social media.


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