Google’s Project Loon and Aharon the High Priest

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By Yonatan Gordon

We are much happier when Google seems to start projects that don’t make strict monetary sense at first. So when we heard that some Googlers went deep into the remote regions of New Zealand, in order to give a handful of people internet, our interest perked up.

We are not saying that the balloons of Project Loon won’t eventually be the method of choice that delivers internet to the masses; or that launching prototype projects doesn’t make sound business sense. Instead, the reason we like the story so much is not because of these very valid practical considerations.

Finding the Signal

The reason we found Project Loon so compelling is because it gives hope for those who have felt that their internet use has long since landed. We go to the same five sites, or get distracted by the assorted 500. Much like the dream of taking…

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