Israel cracks down on soldiers using social media days after female soldiers reprimanded for racy Facebook photos

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National Post | News

JERUSALEM — Some Israeli soldiers will soon be unfriending Facebook following a new crackdown on social media use, a move that will limit or ban outright use of the networks by soldiers in classified units.

The move comes days after a group of female Israeli soldiers posing for photos wearing nothing but underwear and combat gear surfaced on Facebook, prompting widespread media coverage.

It was the latest in a number of embarrassing social media incidents that the Israeli military has endured over the past few years.

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Israel’s military said that the planned restrictions weren’t related to the photos. “These restrictions stem from information security concerns,” said a military spokesman. Issues of morality or decorum were “not addressed by this specific order.”

The plan’s draft creates three categories for social media use among Israeli soldiers. Members of the most secretive units would not be allowed to have social media…

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