Paul Dewar: Proud to stand in solidarity with Saeed Malekpour

National Post | Full Comment

This week, as part of “Iran Accountability Week,” the National Post is partnering with Canadian Parliamentarians to highlight the plight of individual political prisoners being persecuted by Tehran’s theocratic regime.

Saeed Malekpour is a Canadian permanent resident, a software engineer — and an Iranian prisoner.

While visiting his terminally ill father in Iran in 2008, Saeed was charged with desecrating Islam. His crime: Software he developed was used by pornographers. Imprisoned without access to a lawyer in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, and allegedly tortured when he pleaded his innocence, Saeed eventually confessed to his supposed crime. The Iranian court promptly convicted him and sentenced him to death.

The criminalization of blasphemy is unconscionable in the 21st century, and it is abhorrent to impose a death sentence for pornography. But Saeed was not even the pornographer, any more than Alexander Graham Bell was the telemarketer. There is no evidence supporting…

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