George Jonas: Another way to contain hatred

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In Wednesday’s column, I wrote about the 14th plenary session of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), held in Budapest this week rather than in Jerusalem as usual. The change of venue was an expression of solidarity with Hungary’s Jewish community, beleaguered once again by what WJC president Ronald Lauder described as “the outrage of anti-Semitism… by no means only in Hungary but also in other places in Europe including Greece and Ukraine.

There’s a reason for the WJC choosing Hungary rather than some other country where anti-Semitism is similarly on the rise. Many feel that it’s the philosophy of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Staunch leader of a center-right coalition between FIDESZ, his own party of young (by now middle-aged) conservatives and Hungary’s traditional Christian Democrats, Orban has adamantly refused to throw out the baby of the nation-state with the bathwater of anti-Semitism, chauvinism, irredentism and other hypertrophies of national…

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