Rare, sunken Nazi bomber ‘Flying Pencil,’ shot down during Battle of Britain, to be raised from English Channel

National Post | News

LONDON — A famous German World War Two bomber has spent decades submerged in the English Channel — but that’s about to change.

British officials on Friday announced a complex salvage operation to rescue the only known surviving example of the German Dornier Do 17 bomber, an aircraft nicknamed “the flying pencil” because of its narrow fuselage.

The wreck is located just off the Kent coast in southeast England in about 60 feet (20 metres) of water. The plane had been shot down during the 1940 Battle of Britain, a month-long struggle over the skies of Britain that saw RAF fighters engaged in a colossal life-or-death struggle with the German Luftwaffe.

Experts said the bomber, discovered by divers five years ago, is remarkably undamaged despite the passage of time.

With time, we recognize that young men died on both sides, which is why we don’t intend to restore it. We…

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