CBC corrects reporter over use of word “attack” in Israel story

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For using the word “attack” in relation to Israel’s 2010 raid on a Gaza blockade-runner, a Middle East reporter for Radio-Canada, the French-language version of CBC, was rebuked by the network on Monday.

In reporting on a deadly skirmish that broke out between Israeli soldiers and a pipe-wielding activist aboard the deck of the M/V Mavi Marmara, correspondent Ginette Lamarche “misused the word ‘attack’ to refer to the legal seizure of the vessel by Israeli forces,” read a brief correction by Radio-Canada.

Ms. Lamarche was referencing the episode in an April 7 report broadcast soon after Israel issued a U.S.-brokered apology to Turkey for the incident, which killed eight Turkish activists.

The CBC correction is only the latest to be issued against Ms. Lamarche, a veteran Middle East reporter whose work has become a frequent target of scrutiny by Canadian Jewish groups.

Earlier this year, for instance, David Ouellette, a…

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