Creeping Sharia

The Muslim Mafia thugging again. via Christopher Collins piece, CAIR intimidates teacher, rally planned in her defense: h/t @RobbieSingh2

Mary Janda, a veteran teacher of 21 years at the Concrete Middle School in Concrete, Washington, is under attack by the radical Washington affiliate of Hamas-connected Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), accusing her of racism against Muslims, ACT! For America’s founder and President Brigitte Gabriel reported yesterday.

The alleged incident occurred last October but the radical Islamic group began last month calling for federal investigators to look into the Concrete School District after the allegations that the teacher, Mary Janda, made racist remarks.

And who will be looking into it? Obama’s nominee for Labor Dept. and current DOJ henchmen.

The district called the allegations completely false.

“Her “offense?”, “said Gabriel. “During a class discussion on bullying, she referred to Hamas and the Taliban as examples…

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