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As I’m sure you already know, spaghetti grows on trees in Italy.

The harvesting of the crop is a delicate procedure involving hand-picking so as to retain premium lengths. Thanks to the successful eradication of the pasta weevil, noodles of all types have become a popular dish the world over. Amongst all the choices, however, the bounty of the spaghetti orchard is the most popular.

Well, that was the story that went to air on the BBC back on April 1, 1957. The legendary April Fool’s prank worked in part because pasta was then a novel food stuff in the United Kingdom; Britons could be forgiven for thinking that foreign noodle-y things did, indeed, grow on trees. After all, pasta was usually sold canned, swimming in pallid red sauce, so it would have been difficult to determine if it was animal, mineral or vegetable.

Ha! Spaghetti trees! Such provincial naïfs!…

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