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Sharon Wiener can’t remember where she read the review of The Emperor of Lies, Swedish novelist Steve Sem-Sandberg’s award- winning historical fiction built around the terrible facts of Poland’s Lodz Ghetto, a place of misery for about 300,000 Jews during the Second World War, most of whom were ultimately murdered by the Nazis.

Ms. Wiener’s father, Morton, who passed away in 2004, was among the handful of survivors. He often spoke of his wartime experiences. His daughter fed on every word.

“I saw the review and naturally I was interested in the book,” she says. “I didn’t even look at the cover, initially. But when I got it home I did, and I knew instantly that the boy on the cover, walking towards me, was my father.

There was a moment of shock, of seeing my parent as a child

“There was a moment of shock, of seeing my…

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