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Re: Spence Shrugs Off Stinging Audit, Jan. 8.
In the light of the information discovered by the Deloitte & Touche audit — that 80% of the $104-million received by the Attawapiskat First Nation in support and subsidies is not accounted for — it is evident some legal action needs to be taken. If this mismanagement occurred in either a private or public entity, the RCMP would be called to seize all documents for further investigation, potentially laying criminal charges should sufficient evidence of a fraud and embezzlement was present.
Chief Theresa Spence does not deserve an audience with the Prime Minister, the Governor-General or the Queen. The RCMP should be the ones talking to her.
Martin Malus, North Vancouver, B.C.

The financial situation on Chief Spence’s reservation, involving tens of millions of dollars of missing taxpayer money, is sufficient to justify calling in the police for a possible criminal…

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