By Daniel Greenfield

That’s president of the Palestinian Authority, not the United States. Unfortunately that’s a point that has to be clarified these days.

Sheikh Tayseer Tamimi’s presidential plans are a bit debatable because

A. The Palestinian Authority doesn’t really do elections anymore

B. Palestinian Authority leaders come out of Fatah or the IMF. They don’t come from elections. If they did Hamas would be running the Palestinian Authority.

C. The Palestinian Authority isn’t allowing Sheikh Tamimi to run and they probably only let him get this far to warn Israel that there are worse creatures than Abbas or Fayyad out there.

But A through C could be irrelevant because the Middle East has gone Islamist and with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the AKP in Turkey dominating local politics, the time might be right for a takeover of the Palestinian Authority by the Chief Islamic Judge of the…

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