Saving a 10-Year-Old’s Life With the Prick of a Needle

Saving a 10-Year-Old’s Life With the Prick of a Needle.


Saving Life With the Prick of a Needle


Sgt. Idan Ducach got the unique opportunity to save a life when his bone marrow donation turned out to be compatible to a young boy. In this guest post, he agreed to share his story with us.

My name is Sgt. Idan Ducach, and I’m a 21 year old commander in the Israel Defense Forces. When I enlisted to the IDF, I gave a blood sample and entered a bone marrow database collected by the Ezer Mizion organization. I didn’t fully understand what it meant to enter the database, but I was told it couldn’t hurt, so I did it.

I continued with my military service, and during my commanders’ course I was notified that my bone marrow was a match for someone who needed it on order to live. After talking to my family and friends about the procedure, I realized that I had the opportunity to save someone’s life. In August 2011, I was admitted to a hospital in Israel and donated my bone marrow. At the same time, unknown to me, a boy was lying in a hospital bed in the United States, waiting for my donation.