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Some recent comments on my blog were full of pessimism at the thought of Israel’s future, or even the possibility that Israel might not even have a future (G-d forbid). It’s true that when one reads reports of the rise of Jihadists throughout the Arab world, Iran’s push towards nuclear weapons and the constant incitement emanating from Israel’s ostensible peace partners, the picture one receives is depressing indeed.

Along comes Professor Barry Rubin with a well-timed article which I quoted in my comment on my post, but which I feel deserves  wider attention.  While Prof. Rubin doesn’t minimize the dangers that Israel faces, he looks at Israel’s situation from a different angle, giving cause for some slight optimism and certainly making it easier for us, Israelis and Israel’s supporters, to resist

Here is an excerpt from the article which is rather cryptically headlined: Israel has no other alternatives but…

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