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It’s being called the toughest anti-bullying legislation in the country, but Alberta’s new Education Act – which many predict will set the tone for the rest of Canada – is being blasted by a family research group.

In a report that was to be released Monday, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada pans the very thing many observers have praised: giving schools the authority to suspend complacent bystanders to bullying. A senior researcher calls the approach “wrongheaded,” arguing that it paints a picture of absentee parents who have no part or power in the solution.

“It’s essentially saying that as adults, we’ve left the playground, and that it’s up to kids to police bullies on behalf of the school and parents,” says Peter Jon Mitchell, the report’s author. “Certainly there might be room for bystanders’ (involvement), but I hope we’re not passing the buck to kids and saying, ‘Solve…

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