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Re: Masked Gunmen Publicly Execute Six Alleged Spies, Nov. 21.
The key word in this headline is “alleged.”  If one needed further evidence of the disparities between Israel and her enemies, it can be found in the [above] photo. I am Jewish. I believe in Israel’s right to exist, but not just because I am Jewish. The very graphic picture accompanying this article speaks volumes as to the barbaric and gangster-type lack of due process that proliferates in the Middle East, save and except for Israel. Israel’s detractors, including the “not so United Nations,” would do well to take note.
Leonard H. Goodman, Toronto.

While the useful idiots wring their hands at the rising body count, the perpetrators in Gaza see the debacle as an opportunity to compete, before the cameras, for international Oscars. The truth which is deftly hidden in the open and invisible to their myopia, is…

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