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The second Gaza war apparently is over. And Israel won. Islamists more or less conceded as much on Wednesday, on the eve of the ceasefire, when they resorted to a bus bombing. This was supposed to be the “third intifada” — otherwise known as the “rocket intifada.” The fact that the initifadists felt the need to revert to the reviled tactics of model 2.0 is a pretty good indication that model 3.0 was a bust.

In purely quantitative terms, Hamas’ war performance was pathetic. The terrorist group killed a grand total of five Israelis — only one of whom was a soldier. They accomplished this by firing a total of about 1,200 rockets and missiles — a 1:240 fatality-per-launch ratio. In 2006, by contrast, Hezbollah killed about five-dozen Israelis with 4,000-plus rockets and missiles — a much more deadly fatality-per-launch ratio of about 1:70. Moreover, the better part of Hamas’…

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