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‘Israel is on the wrong side of justice’

Re: Israel’s Just War In Gaza, front-page editorial, Nov. 20.
Israel’s war on Gaza is anything but “just.” First, against the rulings of international law, Israel continues to create new illegal settlements and expand existing ones, displacing Palestinians.
Second, Israel’s war is against the people of Gaza, whom they imprison by land, air and sea. It cannot be in the name self-defence for Israel to wage a war against those over whom they maintain a crippling, inhumane illegal siege.
Finally, carrying out a disproportionate response to those who are protecting their homes, lands, lives, and right to choose their own government is illegal.
On all counts, Israel is on the wrong side of justice.
Ali Manji, Thornhill, Ont.

This editorial, while slightly apologetic, is terribly myopic. Just do the math. If Israel has been focusing its firepower and “surgical” strikes against…

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