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Operation Helpless Hummus

By now, the entire world has heard how the IDF took out Hamas’s leader but the bombings from Gaza into Israel have gone relatively unmentioned as usual.
I’m fairly positive that most of my readers know about the bombings but just in case, I’ll explain a bit. On an almost bi-monthly basis, Gaza sends hundreds of rockets into the south of Israel. This hasn’t touched me because I’ve lived in Rishon Lezion and Herzliya, both of which are in central Israel. I did my basic training very far up in the north and my current base is near Jerusalem which is also central Israel.

I’d been watching the news like everyone else and seeing everyone’s facebook statuses about Israel but it still hadn’t fazed me. All my friends in America were posting the following:
“When you hear the news later today about Israel attacking Gaza and killing the head terrorist…

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