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Re: Remember And Care For Our Veterans, editorial, Nov. 10.
During the Second World War, nearly 2,000 Canadians took part in the Battle of Hong Kong, which raged for 18 days in December 1941. At the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Sai Wan War Cemetery in Hong Kong on Sunday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, standing by the gravesites of Canada’s fallen soldiers, said: “By their deaths, they made possible the freedom we enjoy, the democracy by which we govern ourselves, and the justice under which we live.”
Where were these freedoms on Sunday in Hong Kong, when ordinary Canadians living there, or visiting like myself, were denied entrance to the Remembrance Day ceremonies? In order to be admissible, one had to have submitted his name, address, passport number, etc., to the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong at least 70 hours prior to be cleared by Ottawa, due to security…

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