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Re: Hating Israel, Each For Their Own Reasons, George Jonas, Nov. 3.
Though I agree with George Jonas that Natan Sharansky’s 2004 3D Test (Demonization, Double Standards, Delegitimization) test is not a hard and fast litmus test of an anti-Semite, I would argue that it misses the point. The point is not whether a silver-tongued anti-Semite is hiding behind legitimate criticisms of Israel. The point is to be able to correctly label and identify whether or not the arguments and accusations raised in events such as “Israel Apartheid Week” can be clearly identified as anti-Semitic, or whether they are staying grounded within the boundaries of legitimate debate.
In this regard, both Alan Dershowitz’ 2005 checklist of legitimate and illegitimate criticism of Israel is a much more useful and applicable tool for properly classifying arguments as anti-Semitic or not. Also, the European Union’s Agency for Fundamental Rights in 2005 put…

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