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One last post about the wedding and its associated celebrations and then I’ll be back to normal programming.  (Apologies to those of you who’ve been expecting some political blogging this past week. I’ve been so out of it that I forgot today is election day in America!).

First, a word to the uninitiated. After a Jewish wedding there follows a week of Sheva Brachot – literally “Seven Blessings” – a week where there is a festive meal every day at which the 7 wedding blessings are recited at the end. The Shabbat that falls in that week is called in Sefardi families the Shabbat Chatan, literally the Bridegroom’s Shabbat, which is usually hosted by the groom’s family and friends, and where he is called up to the Torah.

The Shabbat Chatan for Vered and Pini was held last Shabbat in Dimona, Pini’s home town, taking place in the girls’ boarding…

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