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Re: My London Adventure, Conrad Black, Nov. 3.
While no individual or organization should be above criticism, that directed at Conrad Black lacks all proportion and reeks both of hypocrisy and pettiness. As he contends, he would not have been convicted nor likely even charged in Canada, and was convicted not on the basis of any specific U.S. law but on a general principle subjectively and, in his case, erroneously interpreted: his actions in themselves did not harm Hollinger Corp.
What is obvious is that Mr. Black has more courage than 100 of his detractors put together, and that is probably at the heart of all the malice.
Doris Wrench Eisler, St. Albert, Alta.

I am disgusted that the Order of Canada Committee would even consider the withdrawal of Conrad Black’s Order of Canada. Lord Black was awarded the Order for outstanding achievements in Canada. It was not given…

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