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The fabled swish of the curtain is a sound seldom heard in the theatre these days. It’s especially not heard in Soulpepper’s revival of Endgame despite the fact that this is the rare modern production that actually has a curtain. The noise it makes as it rises to kick off the evening is a combination of creak, whirr and rattle. It’s both scary and funny, the perfect overture to a play and production that are both those things in spades.

Daniel Brooks directed Samuel Beckett’s doomsday phantasmagoria in Soulpepper’s second season back in 1999; and though I can’t claim to remember that production in much detail, I do remember being very impressed by it. He’s now revisited the play with the same design team (Julie Fox, set; Victoria Wallace, costumes; Kevin Lamotte, lighting; Richard Feren, sound) and together they have created a bleakly witty environment for the blind and chair-bound…

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