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Re: Who Is Being Naive About Gaza?, letter to the editor, Oct. 25.

Canada Boat to Gaza spokeswoman Andrea Summers writes: “According to the World Health Organization, because of the blockade, 90% of the Gaza drinking water is unfit for human consumption with 70% of Gaza’s children suffering from anemia.”
Wrong. The water in Gaza is unfit for human consumption due to the high levels of nitrates caused by the widespread use of manure in agricultural cultivation. I’ll leave it up to Ms. Summers to explain how the blockade creates manure. With regards to nutrition of children her numbers are a total fabrication. World Health Organization (WHO) stats show that in the period between 2005-2011, the level of malnutrition among children was 5.4% in Egypt, 4.5% in oil rich Saudi Arabia and 2.2% in Gaza and the West Bank.
In fact, WHO and UNICEF data confirm that various parameters…

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