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Re: Born Of Anti-Semitism, Preying On Naïveté, Rabbi Abraham Cooper and Dr. Harold Brackman, Oct. 23.
This column was noteworthy more for what it left out than for what it included. Messsrs. Cooper and Brackman failed to cite many pertinent contemporary facts that bear directly on the reason for the Estelle’s voyage.
According to the World Health Organization, because of the blockade, 90% of the Gaza’s drinking water is unfit for human consumption with 70% of Gaza’s children suffering from anemia. In August, the UN warned that unless the blockade is lifted, Gaza will become uninhabitable within the next eight years. These facts and others are leading many countries around the world to turn away from Israel to the point that the Jewish state risks becoming an international pariah. Rather than accuse Jim Manly of being naive, the authors should look at themselves.
Their support of Israel’s inhumane blockade…

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