By Jacquie Miller

There’s a world of pain behind Ottawa teenager Megan Landry’s powerful song Stronger, which has become a hit on YouTube.

The video shows four teenage girls, all sleek hair and slouches, taunting Landry and shoving her into a school locker. By the end, Landry defiantly holds up a scrawled sign saying “Stronger” and sings: “You taught me to be stronger/to stand a little prouder/yell a little louder/you taught me to look right over your head/to smile instead/forget where I bled/ in the first place …”

The song is inspired by Landry’s experiences in Grades 8 and 9 at two Ottawa schools, where she was bullied by a clique of mean girls. Since she posted the video in January, Stronger has received 77,000 hits on YouTube. It’s attracting attention both for its anti-bullying message and for Landry’s musical talent.

The 16-year-old shot the video herself last winter in…

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