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In very sad news, it was announced today that the remains of IDF soldier Majdi Halabi who has been missing for 7 years, were found in a forest in northern Israel, not far from his home.

The remains of IDF soldier Majdy Halabi, who went missing in May 2005, have been found in a forest near Isfiya.

The remains were found two weeks ago, not far from where Halabi was last seen. Halabi’s family had asked that the search operation be resumed after the Carmel Fire, which left the forest floor more exposed.


Majdi Halabi left his Daliyat al-Karmel home headed to the IDF base in Haifa, where he was serving, on May 24, 2005. He used an ATM machine in the city, purchased a can of soda and arrived at a hitchhikers’ station in the town. He was last seen by a relative passing by in the…

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