The smartphone that monitors your health

Subject: The smartphone that monitors your health, US vets start afresh in Israel, cheating death to win gold, and more.

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Issues       #583 | Week of September 12, 2012

World’s first medical smartphone Israel: Where US vets come to heal
Israeli engineering       is behind LifeWatch V, a phone that performs and analyzes a range of       self-tests and generates medical reports. The unique Heroes to       Heroes Journey to Israel, gives America’s disabled veterans of Iraq and       Afghanistan a spiritual and physical new start.
Jerusalem emerges as a capital of culture Israel’s golden Paralympic hero
Playing on its       popularity as a spiritual locus, Jerusalem is becoming a world-class       destination for arts tourism anchored to renewed nightlife. Wheelchair tennis       player Noam Gershony cheated death and won Israel’s first gold medal in       the 2012 London Games.
China sends execs to learn how Israel does business The ‘b’ in bSolar is the secret to its success          
A five-year agreement       will bring 1,000 Nanjing municipal officials and executives to study       Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation. New Israeli energy company gets power from sides A and B of       solar panels. Another ‘b,’ the element boron, maximizes efficiency.

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Museum of Architecture opens in Haifa


Israel researcher creates       synthetic, safe NSAIDs


Israeli wins Best Actress at Venice Film Festival       
Iron Dome engineers donate award to resilience center       
Israelis optimistic about the future – study 
Gold         medals, best actresses and rockets Escape         from Novogrodek
It was quite a         spectacular weekend of Israeli accomplishments while the southern part         of the country once again came under siege from enemy rockets fired         from Gaza. The country woke up proud to the fact that Israelis in two         different parts of Europe, won two very different first-place awards. Jack Kagan has one of the most         breathtaking – and little known – stories of heroism and escape during         the Holocaust. Kagan was one of 250 Jews forced into a “work         camp” near Novogrodek, Belasrus. I say “work” camp because         it was clear that their fate would ultimately be the same as the 15,000         Jews in the nearby towns and villages who had already been murdered.
Here’s to a         secure New Year! Israeli         school daze

The         excellent site never ceases to amaze. This year, they have         scanned a set of 52 greeting cards from years gone by that visitors to         the site can send to friends and family as virtual e-cards in time for         the New Year.

The long, endless         days and nights of summer are finally over, and the children of Israel         have gone back to school. No more staying up at night later than their         parents and countless hours of TV and computer.

Noises along the         night hike When         Israeli humor goes overboard

Israelis love to         hike. But how do you hit the trail during the summer, when temperatures         are regularly above 30 degrees Celsius (way into the 90’s Fahrenheit)?         You hike at night.

Let’s face it –         Israelis and Americans, despite having superficial similarities have         tons of cultural differences. I’m not talking just about the lack of         personal distance or inability to stand in an orderly line.

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