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The National Post was targeted last week by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste, a radical sovereigntist group founded in 1834, whose ideas are barely more evolved than they were 178 years ago.

SSJB president Mario Beaulieu was so crass as to accuse Post contributors and others in Anglo media of creating a climate of hate that led a madman to shoot up the Parti Québécois’ victory celebration, killing Denis Blanchette.

Beaulieu had some trouble with my use of the manufactured term “francosupremacy.” This seems particularly ironic considering the SSJB invited actual supremacists – in the truest sense of the word – to one of their ultranationalist parties in 2006. This is the same gentleman who sought to ban musical acts with English members from a Fête Nationale celebration in 2009.

Not that it’s constructive to engage in an “I know you are but what am I” argument, but you know what they…

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