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VANCOUVER — They are a diverse group of players, the lads from the B.C. Tigers summer soccer club. Some parents have dubbed the Surrey-based outfit “Team United Nations,” thanks to its ethnically mixed roster of pre-teen boys, who come from East Indian, Caucasian and African backgrounds.

No big surprise there. Surrey is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada, and the Tigers preach inclusion. Originally known as the Punjab Tigers, the club changed its name in 2009 to B.C. Tigers, “to allow for diversity and broadband [sic] its efforts to integrate [sic] into other communities,” according to a team website.

But the Tigers went too far, for some. The team of under-13-year-olds (U13) has been banned from official tournament play because its roster features too many kids who aren’t of East Indian descent.

What sort of message does this send to our kids? Not a very good one, I…

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