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LONDON — With a bronze medal around her neck and the benefit of a few days to cool off, Canadian soccer star Christine Sinclair was asked if she felt the strong criticism she fired at a Norwegian official earlier this week — criticism that joined in a chorus from the rest of the Canadian team — might have gone a bit too far.

“No,” Sinclair said on Friday.

So, you stand by your comments?

“Yes,” she said.

No need to clarify them?


“It’s an emotional game,” she said. “We’d just lost a chance at a gold medal. For some of us, that’s a childhood dream, gone. And yeah, we felt it was a little unfair at times.”

Norwegian referee Christiana Pedersen became the target of Canadian fury after a heated semi-final game between Canada and the United States on Monday. Pedersen issued a few unusual calls, including a rarely…

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