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I was astonished to read that the US State Department has condemned Israel for restricting religious freedom for Jews on the Temple Mount.  The cause of my astonishment is that barely 2 weeks ago, the same State Department was having the hardest time pronouncing that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Of course one could say that the two opinions are not really related. One is a political stance and the other is religious. But since the Jewish nation, peoplehood, land and religion are all intertwined, the two conflicting opinions most definitely are related.

In any event, this is one time when I find myself in agreement with the State Department, at least on this one point of their report.

From the Yisrael Hayom link:

A U.S. State Department report published on Wednesday criticizes Israel for allowing only Muslims to pray on the Temple Mount in Jerualem.

The report, the “International…

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