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The Israel lobby for journalistsA nasty, very mean-spirited opinion article by Rupert Cornwell in today’s (Sunday’s) Independent managed to hit all the “correct” antisemitic tropes while not even making an attempt to hide its snide attitude towards US-Israel relations.

Cornwell starts off with a disingenuously innocent paragraph about the “old friendship” between Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu from their early working days, with the unwritten words between the lines that this innocuous relationship is somehow a Bad Thing.

Life offers few greater pleasures than catching up with old friends. Take Mitt Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu. The pair were in their late twenties, rising stars at the pioneering management company, the Boston Consulting Group when their paths first crossed in the mid-1970s.

I wonder if Cornwell would write such an innuendo-laden passage about the relationship between, oh, I don’t know; let’s say between President Obama and the antisemitic preacher Jeremiah…

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